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Keto Diet Explained for Beginners – Weight Loss Journey

In this video, Keto diet is explained for beginners. Keto diet is perfect for your weight loss journey if you are attracted to the idea of eating your way out to losing weight so that you can induce the shedding of some of your pounds.

So, what is Keto diet? The Ketogenic diet pushes the body to lose weight by burning the body’s stored fats directly by simply eating specific kinds of food and in their right proportion.

The idea behind the Keto diet is actually pretty simple. By restricting the number of carbohydrates—and therefore, sugar—in the body, it forces the body to source fats as its main source of energy, instead of the breakdown of carbs or sugar that is easily sourced in the blood.

That condition is called “ketosis” and is what happens when the body has very little sugar levels in the blood, then it’s forced to find an alternative source of energy, which happens to be the body’s fats. Continue watching the video to learn more!

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