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Hey guys!

I want to share my Keto diet journey with you all in hopes that this will not just motivate me to continue to reach my health and weight goal but to also motivate and inspire you to reach yours. In these videos you will see me make simple Keto meals that take little prep work and very little effort this is perfect for some of us who lack motivation in the kitchen but that also have a hard time thinking of low carb meals to make. I’ll show you how I make my my bullet proof (Keto coffee), what I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I hope that in you seeing how simple each meal is that you too can start today! These meals are so low key they’re budget friendly, you don’t have to spend a ton of money at the grocery store buying a bunch of ingredients to meal prep.

Thank you all for watching! XO

Keto Coffee:
black coffee
grass fed butter
organic coconut oil

Low carb lunch/Tuna salad:
-Tuna/albacore tuna
-red onions
-jalapeno pepper (optional)
-mustard (optional) I didn’t add it in my tuna salad this time but I usually do
**This tuna salad can be modified how ever you’d like just be cautious of adding too many vegetables/ingredients that have a lot of carbs**
-Pork Rinds

Low Carb Dinner:
-Carnitas (these were left overs but were cooked using low carb ingredients you can find a recipe on Pinterest)
– Broccoli with grass fed butter

WATER IS YOUR BFF lol don’t forget to drink LOTS of water through out the day.

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