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Keto Diet 1-Year Anniversary – Before/After Weight Loss & Food Photos

Keto Diet 1-Year Anniversary – Before/After Weight Loss & Food Photos

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Opening scene inspired by the movie, Beerfest – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUf1SbW441U

My 1-year keto diet anniversary just passed, and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 35 lbs, and maintained this weight for months.

Here are my body weight numbers:

Starting Weight: 176 lbs (November 2015)
Current Weight: 141 lbs
Highest Weight: 201 lbs (About 7 years ago)

Macros (tracked for first 6 months):

1775 calories per day
70% Fat
19% Protein
11% Carb (about 50 grams total per day)

In this 1-year keto diet update video, I share lessons learned:

* The 3 Phases of Weight Loss

* Importance of Sustainable Diet

* Slideshow with 20+ Pictures of Food & Keto Meals

* How to Avoid Cheat Day Disasters

* Lack of Real World Support, You Must Be Strong

Please check out my blog post for more on my experience following the ketogenic diet for one-year!


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