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Hi there! Just a normal girl trying out the Keto diet. In this video I’m showing you what I have throughout the day on a Keto Diet Plan. I hope this helps anyone who’s a beginner to Keto or just wants to cut down on carbs 🙂

“The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis”

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Here is a easy Keto grocery list!

Keto Vegetables:
Asparagus (2.4 g per cup)
Bok choy (0.8 g per cup)
Broccoli (3.6 g per cup)
Cabbage (2.9 g per cup)
Cauliflower (3 g per cup)
Celery (1.6 g per cup)
Collard greens (2 g per cup)
Cucumber (1.9 g per cup)
Eggplant (2.4 g per cup)
Iceberg lettuce (1 g per cup)
Jalapeño peppers (3.7 g per cup)
Kale (0.1 g per cup)
Kohlrabi (3.5 g per cup)
Mushrooms (1.6 g per cup)
Radishes (2 g per cup)
Romaine lettuce (0.2 g per cup)
Spinach (0.4 g per cup)
Summer squash (2.5 g per cup)
Swiss chard (0.8 g per cup)
Zucchini (2.4 g per cup)

Keto Fruits:
Avocado (3.6 g per cup)
Blackberries (7.1 g per cup)
Blueberries (17.8 g per cup)
Cantaloupe (12.3 g per cup)
Lemon (5.4 g per fruit)
Lime (5.2 g per fruit)
Raspberries (6.7 g per cup)
Strawberries (8.2 g per cup)
Tomato (3.3 g per cup)
Watermelon (10.9 g per cup)

Keto Nuts/Seeds:
Almonds (2 g per 1/4 cup)
Almond butter (1.4 g per tablespoon)
Brazil nuts (2 g per 1/4 cup)
Cashews (7 g per 1/4 cup)
Cashew butter (4.4 g per tablespoon)
Chia seeds (1 g per tablespoon)
Flax seeds (0 g)
Hazelnuts (2 g per 1/4 cup)
Hemp seeds (2 g per 3 tablespoons)
Macadamia nuts (2 g per 1/4 cup)
Pecans (2 g per 1/4 cup)
Pine nuts (3 g per 1/4 cup)
Pumpkin seeds (1 g per 1/4 cup)
Sunflower butter (1.5 g per tablespoon)
Sunflower seeds (4.1 g per 1/4 cup)
Unsweetened almond milk (1.4 g per cup)
Walnuts (2 g per 1/4 cup)

Keto Meat:
Anchovies (0 g)
Bacon (0 g)
Chicken drumsticks or thighs (0.02 g per 3 ounces)
Chicken wings (0 g)
Ground beef (0 g)
Herring (0 g)
Mackerel (0 g)
Pancetta (1 g per 2 ounces)
Pepperoni (1.6 g per cup)
Pork belly (0 g)
Salami (2.8 g per cup)
Sardines (0 g)
Short ribs (0 g)
Porterhouse steak (0 g)
Ribeye (0 g)
Sardines (0 g)
Sausage (3 g per 2 ounces)
Salmon (0 g)

Keto Eggs/Dairy:
Full-fat cottage cheese (4 g per 1/2 cup)
Full-fat cheese (1–3.8 g per ounce)
Full-fat cream Cheese (0.8 g per tablespoon)
Eggs (0 g)
Full-fat sour cream (5.3 g per 1/2 cup)
Heavy whipping cream (2.5 g per 1/4 cup)
Unsweetened, full-fat yogurt (5.7 g per 1/2 cup)
Whole milk (5.9 per 1/2 cup)

Keto Pantry Items:
Almond flour (1 g per 2 tablespoons)
Avocado oil (0 g)
Blue cheese dressing (0.7 g per tablespoon)
Bone broth (0 g)
Butter (0 g)
Caesar dressing (0.4 g per tablespoon)
Canned full-fat coconut milk (3.6 g per 1/2 cup)
Canola oil (0 g)
Coconut butter (1 g per tablespoon)
Coconut flour (3 g per 2 tablespoons)
Coconut oil (0 g)
Erythritol (4 g per teaspoon)
Ghee (0 g)
Kelp noodles (2 g per 4 ounces)
Mayonnaise (0.2 g per 2 tablespoons)
MCT oil (0 g)
Monk fruit extract (0 g)
Olive oil (0 g)
Pesto (0.8 g per tablespoon)
Ranch dressing (0.9 g per tablespoon)
Sesame oil (0 g)
Sugar-free chocolate (5 g per tablespoon)
Stevia extract (3 g per teaspoon)
Tahini (1.78 g per tablespoon)
Walnut oil (0 g)

Thank you so much for watching & stay tuned for a new video every Wednesday!❤️

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