Keto diet कीटो ड़ाएट क्या हैं। कैसे काम करता है।A quick guide on Keto diet. ( Hindi)

Dr. Sujit Chandratreya is the first DM and DNB qualified Endocrinologist in North Maharashtra (Nashik). With an excellent academic career, he has extensive experience and expertise in the treatment and prevention of Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Obesity, Short Stature, Growth disorders, Osteoporosis, Other Metabolic Bone Diseases, Adrenal disorders, Parathyroid , Pituitary disorders, Reproductive disorders and Polycystic Ovaries. He is located in Nashik, Maharashtra as a Consultant Endocrinologist at Endocare Clinic, where, in addition to treating patients, he conducts periodic workshops, patient education, and check-up camps, seminars on diabetes prevention, stress management, and fitness programs for his patients.
Diet for easy weight loss. Understand the theory and practice of keto diet. No need to count calories, no need to follow any timings. Various military organisations in the world are adopting keto diets now for better performance and body fat loss

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