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Keto Chole or Chana Masala | Keto Chole Bhature | Keto Snacks

For the printable Keto Chole Bhature Recipe: https://sonalsfood.com/recipe/keto-chole-or-chana-masala/

This is a keto Chole masala recipe. If you know what Chole is, which is chick peas, you know that it is not keto. So, to make Keto Chole, I have used Charoli or Buchanania seeds in place of Chole. This was an idea I got from a lovely Vegetarian keto Channel called “Magic in My Food”. She has used it to make Dal Makhani. I loved the idea so much that I am going to use it a lot, I think. Anyway!

Chole Bhature is a very popular Indian Vegetarian dish. It is considered unhealthy as the bhature are made from refined flour and deep fried. But, I have shared a keto Bhature recipe using almond flour and coconut flour. It is delicious and here is the link to that recipe: https://youtu.be/TCudi7Otq7E. The Chole is fairly healthy if you don’t use unhealthy oils to cook it. But if you are keto this is a great variation to that. The flavors are exactly the same. You will enjoy it.

I have added a lovely ghee tempering right in the end. It is almost like a flavored chilli oil. The red color from the red chilli powder and the mix of spiciness from the green and red chilli makes it such a flavorful and attractive addition. And you can do this to any of your Indian dishes. Especially when you are hosting people. Add this lovely tempering to your Dals, fish curries or any Indian curries.

Leave me a comment if you try it. Happy Cooking!

Macros: Serves 4 with paneer

Each serving

Calories: 233

Fat: 21

Net Carbs: 4

Protein: 5

To Buy the tempering pot: https://amzn.to/2BQ85V6

To Watch the Keto Bhature or Poori Recipe: https://youtu.be/TCudi7Otq7E

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