Keto Chocolate Cake | Easy 2 Ingredient Recipes | Flourless Cakes

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Starting a ketogenic diet can be a bit confusing. Can I use nut flours? Are all keto baked goods made with protein powder? What can I eat as “dessert”? Many questions arise when starting your keto journey. Let’s make one thing super simple: C A K E. You know it, you love it and you shouldn’t have to give it up! So here is our quick 2 INGREDIENT recipe for decadent dark chocolate keto cake!

4 large eggs
16 oz dark chocolate

sliced strawberries
whipped cream

Separate egg whites from yolks. Beat egg whites until stiff. Set aside.

Melt chocolate fully then incorporate 1 egg yolk at a time into the chocolate.

Gently fold whipped egg whites into yolk mixture until batter forms

Bake in parchment lines 8×8 pan for 20 mins at 320 degrees.

Top with desired garnish (whipped cream, berries or nuts!)

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Products used: Bosch Benchmark Series 30″ double wall oven

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