Keto Chicken & Eggs Salad with Fresh Herbs Recipe. Gluten free #lchf presents new low carb diet recipe: Chicken, Eggs and Herbs salad. Gluten free.

this such is great for party and easy to make in huge quantities.

Serve it with Keto chips from this recipe:


2 cooked chicken thighs
4 boiled eggs
2-3 tbsp. mayonnaise or sour cream
salt, black pepper, vinegar and mustard by taste.

This cooking channel teaches subscribers how to cook 100% Ketogenic Low Carb dishes. Our goal is to help subscribers to avoid “relatively low carb dish trap” and smoothly transition from “low fat, low salt, low cholesterol, low saturated fats” nutritional guidelines to what KETOGENIC DIET teaches: Low Carb, high fat, limited proteins As you’ve noticed, some cooking channels have poor understanding what LOW CARB really means. They teach viewers to add starch into beef stews, coat fish sticks in flour, and put beans into garden salads Another benefit of following our official recipes is high Omega 3 (good!) and low Omega 6 & 9 (bad) amino acids. Disclaimer: We don’t make any health related claims. Do your own research! If you are a follower of a KETO diet, you know, that one meal, that contains more than your daily allowance of carbohydrates can STOP! your weight loss for a month Is the best source of 100% Ketogenic Meals recipes.
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