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Latest in the BeerBiceps keto recipes playlist, is this delicious and super simple KETO FRIENDLY stuffed chicken recipe. I’ve used organic bacon in this case, which unlike its processed cousin, IS okay for a ketogenic diet.

Since this is a recipe meant for the ketogenic diet, I can actually afford the generous amount of fat i’ve used here. but feel free to just grill the chicken on a non-stick or an oven WITHOUT any oil if you wanna save up on calories. This Bacon Stuffed Chicken Recipe is a great chicken variant for someone whose main goal is weight loss.
The keto diet is the best fat loss diet in the world. And this stuffed chicken recipe is suited best for anyone on the diet. Enjoy guys! Chicken recipes have never been more delicious. This is one of my all time favourite keto friendly snacks. You could even call this a keto fried chicken. Perfect for anyone on a keto diet!


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