Keto Ceviche Recipe (Perfect for summer!)

Ceviche is such a versatile and flavorful snack! You can serve it in a bowl with Keto Bacon Chips or Fathead Dough cut into squares. Want to make Ceviche a meal? Fill some Keto Taco Shells or top off Keto Tostadas with the mixture! By marinating the ingredients with lime juice, you’re cooking the fish and shrimp included in the recipe. It may have the texture of raw fish, but it’s perfectly safe to enjoy!

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Keto Ceviche Recipe:


Serrano Pepper
Red Bell Peppers
Red Onion
Lime Juice


1. Finely chop or dice all the ingredients, except for the salt, pepper, and lime juice. Try to keep all the ingredients the same size and uniform in shape. This will be easiest for consuming later.
2. Combine all of the ingredients, including the lime juice, in a bowl. Tightly wrap the bowl in plastic wrap, and store it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The lime juice and salt will “cook” the proteins in the raw fish, making it safe for consumption.
3. Before serving, stir the ingredients together. You can add more seasoning or cilantro at your discretion.
4. Enjoy!

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