Keto Cake Pops- Fun Fat Bomb

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Keto Cake Pops- Fun Fat Bomb- Thomas DeLauer

Amber DeLauer: Are you as sick of Thomas’s science talk as I am?

Thomas DeLauer: You are.

Amber DeLauer: Today, we’re here making something fun.

Thomas DeLauer: Going to change it up a little bit. It’s time to get off my pedestal, stop being so authoritative all the time, and just get down to having some good old-fashioned family fun when it comes down to making some keto fat bombs. We’re not talking ordinary keto fat bombs here.

Amber DeLauer: Nope.

Thomas DeLauer: These are like totally different. We’re taking it to the cake pop level. You know when you walk in to Starbucks, and you’re haunted just by the cake pops that are just sitting there glaring at you as soon as you run … Just want to get your black coffee, you’re trying to get something healthy, and they’re just staring at you? We’re going to give you a solution, today.

Amber DeLauer: Are you ready?

Thomas DeLauer: All right.

Amber DeLauer: Okay, I’m going to tell you how to make them, because I have my hands full with baby Thomas, here.

Thomas DeLauer: Okay.

Amber DeLauer: Okay?

Thomas DeLauer: I better listen carefully, because I am not the best cook in the world. All right, so, what am I going to do?

Amber DeLauer: You’re not, you’re great. I’m just better.

Thomas DeLauer: Okay, what do we do?

Amber DeLauer: Okay, so, first, you’re going to take the perfect keto keto butter. You’re going to put that in your bowl.

Thomas DeLauer: All right, so, this is a quarter cup of this stuff, right?

Amber DeLauer: Yup.

Thomas DeLauer: Guys, the perfect keto nut butter is probably one of the best nut butters that is out there. Seriously, it’s …

Amber DeLauer: It’s so good.

Thomas DeLauer: It tastes …

Amber DeLauer: Have you ever had the cookie butter from Trader Joe’s?

Thomas DeLauer: Of course, you know I have.

Amber DeLauer: I know you have. Have you? It takes like butter. It tastes way better than that. I was addicted to that forever.

Thomas DeLauer: It’s even better than his rubber ducky.

Amber DeLauer: It tastes better than a rubber ducky.

Thomas DeLauer: That is the statement of the day. It tastes better
than his rubber ducky. All right, so, I’ve got the perfect keto nut butter in here. Guys, just so you guys know, there is a link in the description to get a discount on this stuff, too.

Amber DeLauer: It’s so good. Can we leave the poor plants alone? Thank you.

Thomas DeLauer: That I know for a fact, I know from previously, you told me it’s a little bit of almond flour, but how much is this?

Amber DeLauer: Yeah, so, it’s 3/4 of a cup of almond flower, and again, a quarter of a cup of the nut butter.

Thomas DeLauer: All right. He dropped his ducky.

Amber DeLauer: Duck down.
Thomas DeLauer: Whoa, your duck almost took a bath in the nut butter.

Amber DeLauer: He wishes. He loves that stuff. Now, he’s trying to make you play the game. He’s throwing it on the ground for you.

Thomas DeLauer: The reason we’re just adding the almond flower to it, by the way, is simply because we want to thicken it up a little bit. We want to be able to have this nut butter hold its own, so that we can dip it in some melted chocolate and stuff. We’ve got it melting. This is a good way to firm it up a little bit.

The nice thing about the perfect keto nut butter is that it’s not just like a solo almond butter or anything like that. It’s actually cashew butter. Then, it has a little bit of coconut butter in it. Then, it’s also got MCT oil, and then, it also has vanilla bean in it. It’s a nice little hybrid mix.

The MCT oil, obviously, absorbs a little bit faster. Then, you have the cashew butter, which just gives it a little bit of a different consistency, a different taste than you would normally get in a nut butter. The coconut butter, of course, has your high amounts of what’s called Lauric acid, so you’re getting, of course, your digestive benefit, you’re getting your gut health benefit from the antibacterial and antiviral component of the Lauric acid.

All right, what now? All I have is this awesome nut butter mix.

Amber DeLauer: Does not look good.

Thomas DeLauer: Yeah, that didn’t …

Amber DeLauer: It looks like cookie dough.

Thomas DeLauer: That’s actually, yeah, we can …

Amber DeLauer: Why are you making it look gross?

Thomas DeLauer: I’m not. It really does end up turning into cookie dough. It’s like, when you start, when you mix this with a little bit of almond flour, it basically turns into cookie dough. All right.

Amber DeLauer: Can I trade you now? I’m getting a dead arm.

Thomas DeLauer: All right, my turn.

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