KETO BASICS How to Start the Ketogenic Diet (2020)

Want to learn how to start the ketogenic diet? This video will give you the basics of ketosis and eating keto.

In a nutshell –

Ketosis is a metabolic state, in which the body has shifted from using glucose as the primary fuel source for supplying its energy demands with ketone bodies.

You can induce ketosis by fasting for around 3 days or by eating a low carb ketogenic diet with around 30-50 grams NET carbohydrates per day for several weeks.

There are many benefits to ketosis, such as improved biomarkers, reduced inflammation, mental clarity, more energy, easier fat loss and anti-aging

I’ve been doing keto for almost 2 years and I must say it has drastically increased my ability to stay energized and focused for long periods of time without having to eat or get sidetracked by hunger

You don’t need to be in ketosis all the time to be healthy or fit but what you should do is occasionally dip in and out of it.

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