KETO and Pregnant: What I Eat in a Day for a Healthy KETO PREGNANCY! (Second Trimester)

Keto while Pregnant: What I Eat in a Day for a Healthy KETO PREGNANCY! (Second Trimester). Welcome to another keto FDOE full of all the low carb, high fat meals that I am loving in my second trimester. Today’s video includes easy keto meal prep, keto chicken parmesan, and an awesome Big Mac Salad. Who says you can’t have your McDonald’s and keto too?

These meals are easy, quick, and totally ketogenic. Perfect keto meal ideas if you’re a beginner or seasoned keto-er, pregnant or not!
If you’ve been around my channel for a while you’ll know that I STRUGGLED (and failed) at keeping keto in my first trimester (and even through part of my second!) but I am a few weeks strong into full keto (around 25g carbs a day, though I’m not counting!) and feeling really great. My pregnancy workouts are better than ever and baby girl’s kicks have gotten STRONG! I’m looking forward to a healthy keto pregnancy for the rest of my 20ish weeks to come!

Are you wanting to go keto in your pregnancy? Linked below is my program just for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas!


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