Keto 101 – What is KETO//OS® PRO™ ?

Keto os expert, Dr. Jacob Wilson, brings you information on KETO//OS® PRO™ in this episode of Keto 101!

1. Complete the following phrase: “KETO//OS® PRO™ sustains ketosis by giving exogenous ketones, but also promotes__________________________________________________________.”

2. Visit our Instagram page @justpruvit and send us a simple DM (Private message) listing the completed phrase above.

3. If you’re one of 10 people to correctly entered the phrase, you are entered to win a FREE 20 day experience pack!

Our mission is to show you that anyone can bio-hack their own body, and we can Prüvit. However, to do this effectively requires knowledge, technology, self experimentation and most importantly, the willingness to question everything you’ve ever believed to be true about nutrition.

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