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JADA Plant Based Chick’n Mix – [How To Cook Tutorial]

JADA’s Plant Based Chick’n Mix is incredibly versatile, allowing you to fix any chicken meal of your choosing! All you need is our mix, water, and oil to create anything from patties and chick’n meatballs to strips and nuggets. Add this to any of your favorite recipes to create a fulfilling, and delicious meal.

Our Plant Based Chick’n Mix pairs perfectly with any of our Vegan Chicken Salt & Turmeric Salt seasonings. This “How to Cook” tutorial shows you a few samples of some of the amazing items you can cook, but get creative with anything you can think of. Not only can you cook this on the stovetop, but you can also bake it and grill it as well!

100% Vegan
21g of Protein
Rich in B12
Low in Sodium



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