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Is the keto diet better than a regular diet even with exercise?

Is the keto diet better than a regular diet even with exercise?

Most specifically, the five variables related to metabolic syndrome (body weight, body fat percentage, BMI, A1C, and triglyceride levels) showed statistically significant improvements. These results were accompanied by a substantial increase in resting metabolic rate for the ketogenic diet group as well.
Altogether, these results suggest that keto is a clinically relevant treatment for metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes, much more so than SAD and exercise combined.

In other words, by restricting carbs, we can dramatically improve the body’s metabolic flexibility (ability to burn different types of fuel efficiently) and insulin sensitivity in the most efficient way.

Altogether, the keto diet typically causes significant drops in A1C, body fat mass, body weight, triglycerides, and BMI, which means that it can single-handedly reverse most of the issues related to metabolic syndrome without exercising.
There is ample evidence supporting the benefits of regular exercise — benefits that will magnify the results you will get from following the ketogenic diet (especially if you have metabolic syndrome).

For example, exercising will:

A.improve your mood
B.boost cognitive function and memory
C.reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
D.enhance your sleep quality
E.decrease pain and tension
F.strengthen bones and muscles.

Imagine how your health would be if you combined keto with 30 minutes of daily exercise?

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