Is It Okay to Do Keto & Intermittent Fasting If You Have a Heart Condition?

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Dr. Berg talks about if it’s okay to do ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting if you have a heart condition. In the chain of events of developing a heart condition you first get damage to the lining of the arteries. Cholesterol will then come in and start to heal it. The arteries become stiff and then you get the high blood pressure. We then get put on a statin, which is given a black label – because it causes diabetes which increases your risk of heart disease. And the blood pressure meds (thiazides and beta blockers) contribute to insulin resistance further causing the problem.

Recently I had a question from someone who wanted to know if is it okay to do ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting if you have a heart condition, this is a big fat yes. In fact you will get a heart condition if you don’t do ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting and if you are going to do a typical high carbs you would get a heart problems. Let’s talk about why. Because in a chain of events that occurs before you get the buildup of cholesterol there is always a damage to epithelial lining on the inside of the arteries and what damages is that is high blood sugar and high insulin. Those two things will damage the wall, the cholesterol comes in as a band aid, same thing with the calcium and protein fibrin that comes in the artery to help heal it, it is not the bad guy it is just there to help heal it and then the person consuming too many carbohydrates they are going to have high cholesterol because those turn into sugar and those sugar converted into high cholesterol and you would take a drug for that and lower it called the statin but the problem with statins is it causes insulin resistance and more insulin so it keeps feeding itself. But then what happens is the arteries get stiff, calcium builds up and then you don’t have the elasticity so there goes the high blood pressure and then there is diuretic drug that we can put you on. The problems with diuretics is they deplete potassium also they will increase insulin and could cause insulin resistance as well. So it feeds itself as well, if you don’t have enough potassium, it is really hard to fix this blood sugar problems because people with high blood sugar and insulin resistance always have the potassium deficiency in the first place and by taking potassium you can actually improve that condition and stabilize blood sugars a lot better and the blood sugar and insulin problem will also cause high blood pressure because it is gonna harden the arteries and make the arteries in elastic so there is no expansion but no problem because we can put you in a diuretic to reduce the blood volume and the pressure should come down because it increases your risk for insulin resistance therefore it causes more insulin and propelling the problem further and also it creates the deficiency of potassium which you need to actually fix insulin resistance.


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