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Interview with Maia – going KETO!

Interview with Maia – going KETO!

Today on the YogiOnline podcast I interview Maia Sutherland. Maia is a jewellery designer, an acupuncture and massage therapist and now currently an author, who is documenting her personal journey into wellness through the Keto diet.

(Full notes and excellent links for further study below)

Interestingly I was feeling VERY peri-menopausal today: full of brain fog, headache, achiness and fatigue – and in this interview Maia talks about her experiences with similar peri-menopausal symptoms and how she managed them through this revolutionary dietary appraoch. She shares her knowledge and experience of eating for ketogenesis for 14 months now and the amazing benefits she is getting.

Maia throws down a CHALLENGE – out of the blue – in this interview – to try the Ketogenic diet for a month! Find out if I take her up on it…!

Please note: We are not doctors or a dieticians. The information we provide in this video and the show notes is based on our personal experience. Any information about nutrition, supplements or lifestyle we offer does not take the place of professional medical advice and any lifestyle changes you are contemplating undertaking should be discussed between you and your doctor.

Links and notes:

Dr Westman from Duke University: 20 years experience in ketosis, gathering as much data as possible and using the ketogenic diet successfully in a clinical setting.

Dr Jason Fung: A nephrologist in a Canadian Hospital, getting his diabetic patients out of diabetes using keto and fasting. Everything about ketosis and fasting especially in reference to diabetes, but not exclusively. One of the best people to begin with for information. Explains very well how and why eating carbohydrates leads to the illnesses it does – not soley diabetes – and how we are designed to spend time being fat-burners not sugar-burners. He is very clear and very relaxed.

typeonegrit for type 1 diabetics. Also Andrew Koutnik’s work as a Type1 using keto. And Dr Bernstein is deeply influential for Type1s.

Dr Unwin: is a British Doctor, very easy to understand and very successful at getting his patients (50%!) to reverse their diabetes. He has produced cards showing visuals of how many spoons of sugar there are in things like potatoes, bread etc…. He really gives a good visual aid to the amounts of sugar hidden in food. He is lovely to listen to.

Jeff Volek and Dr Stephen Phinny are both very easy to learn from, delightful and clear, excellent when you are beginning, and onwards too. They are Virta Health, an amazing body aiming high to reduce diabetes around the world. They also do a lot of studies with athletes and keto.

Tim Noaks was an ultra marathon runner. Wrote a bestselling book the Lore of Running. Now is writing a second undoing a lot of the first. Very good if you want to understand Keto and training.

Gary Taubes and Nina Teicholz are brilliant investigative journalists. Their work is invaluable.

Dr Nadir Ali. Keto friendly Cardiologist using keto to help his patients.

Emma Gross keto for migraine, a delightful young lady who is really easy to listen to, working with Dom D’Agostino, and linking the work with seizures & migraine too.

Dominic D’Agostino: his work is amazing. He works with the Navy Seals and NASA to optimise their performance under stressful environments. He understands seizures and the brain. His work is also leading to the development of exogenous ketones to help with seizures, dementia etc.

Dr Thomas Seyfried for oncology, amazing talks about cancer from a metabolic perspective.

Dr Nasha Winters… keto for oncology… This woman is brilliant. She taught Alison Gannet and has been doing this for twenty years with her patients after surviving stage 4 ovarian cancer at 19 and being given three months to live.

Benjamin Bikman is utterly brilliant, super kind and a delight to listen to. His expertise is insulin itself, also interesting talks about how we change our white fat to more like brown fat. He is an insulin scientist , and he lectures students about this, so very easy to learn from.

Dr Georgia Ede: amazing views from a brain chemistry perspective and using low-carb or keto to remedy depression, bipolar and other mental heath issues.

Ignacio Cuaranta is an Argentinian psychiatrist using keto with patients.

Get the Cronometer app, there are two, the free one is fine.

The Diet Doctor web site is well worth joining. Very good resource of videos, recipes, talks etc. $9 per month, first month free and you can opt out any time, so you could always just have the trial month. www.dietdoctor.com . They do not skimp on free content either. So you can have a good look around. Lots of their talks on YouTube. Excellent resource, I could not recommend them enough.

The Public Health Collaboration is a UK based group of people promoting low carb and ketogenic ways of eating in this country, trying to get more health into medicine through food.

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