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Intermittent Fasting vs. Keto Supplements for Weight Loss. How to Keto Diet

Intermittent Fasting vs. Keto Supplements for Weight Loss. How to Keto Diet

Keto Consult #11. This week Jennifer and I discuss Intermittent Fasting vs. Keto Supplements for Weight Loss. Jennifer’s in an interesting situation where she needs to decide whether she’d rather Intermittent Fast or use Keto Supplements to help balance her Hormones. Keto Supplements can be a great way to Kick Start Ketosis however Intermittent Fasting can sometimes be equally or more effective.

We also answer many questions from viewers that I believe are great teachable moments on How to Keto Diet. We talk about your cholesterol when starting the Keto Diet, How to use Keto Supplements for Weight Loss such as Exogenous Ketones and whether you should take Keto Supplements such as Exogenous Ketones.

Stick around until the end when we talk a bit about Fasting for Children and whether or not a child should practice Intermittent Fasting.

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The two most common questions I get …

1) “Doc, what BLOOD METER do you recommend?”

ANSWER: FORACARE: http://bit.ly/2QKGmKG

For years my diabetics told me this system was great. I tried several others before I bought this one. I can’t count the number of times I have tested my blood only to get an ERROR message from the strip. Grrr. I hate that. FORACARE gets my vote because it is accurate and takes only ONE test strip to get the results. YES!!

2) “Doc, which Ketones-In-A-Can (aka exogenous ketones, BHB) do you recommend?”
EXOGENOUS KETONES BHB: Dr Boz BHB: (affiliate link) https://amzn.to/2GXLlSw

I don’t recommend these in everyone. I have times this is a great solution for my patients that are very overweight and trying to get used to burning ketones for fuel. All keto supplements should have magnesium in them. This one does.
I own this Dr Boz brand and the Dr Boz supplements.

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