Intermittent fasting & keto diet & Resveratrol & NMN longevity plan.

My experience ..,I started with 3 weeks strict keto diet no sugar at all exercise and healthy fats I got into making ketones after 2 weeks. Amazing feeling a lot of energy 👌but I missed fruit so I started adding apple and pompous banana nectarines in my diet and I do intermittent fasting every day except Sunday.I don’t eat anything between 17-13h next day sometimes longer.
I break my fasting with I table spoon vinegar and pinch pink salts to clean my liver and get some electrolytes minerals in my body.After 30-60 min I eat some protein and salad.
I use healthy fats like olive oil reach in polifinos..avocado,walnuts.
After I wake up I drink coffee and every day I take
250mg Resveratrol mixed with 2 spoons fatty yogurt because Resveratrol must be taken with some fat.(Resveratrol is from @ProHealth )
250mg NMN (#ProHealth)
500mg metformin
This is what @davidsinclair PhD explains in his book Lifespan. He takes 1g of NMN Resveratrol and metformin. ketod @anitafication##davidsinclair #intermittedfasting #NMN Resveratrol

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