Instant Pot – Cola (or Dr Pepper) Braised Short Ribs – Keto Style

This is a keto-fied version of a recipe I used to regularly make in my pre-keto days. Before keto, I found this recipe worked equally well with either Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper. For this recipe, I’m using Dr. Zevia, which I found tasted a bit sweeter than the Zevia cola. If you can’t get Zevia soda where you live, you’ll have to decide which sugar free soda to use. From a flavor standpoint, Coke Zero would probably be the best, if you’re not opposed to Aspartame.

By using the pressure cooker function of the Instant Pot, we can speed up the braising process considerably. You’ll still be looking at over an hour of total cooking time between browning short ribs, sauteing the aromatics, the pressure cook, and the natural release — but most of that time is “inactive”.

In the video, I use 2.5 lbs of meat, but there’s enough spice rub and sauce to do 4 lbs, and though this dish has yellow onion (kind of carby), the net carbs per 1/2 lb serving of meat is only 4g.

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