I Tried Vegan Keto for 30 Days: Find Out What Happened | Ancient Nutrition

The keto diet has spread like wildfire in recent years. It’s popular because, not only does it allow you to load up on many of the high-fat, flavorful foods that are restricted on other diets, but it’s also filling, easy to follow and doesn’t require you to start meticulously counting calories or tracking your intake.

So how does it work? Severely restricting your intake of carbs deprives your body of glucose, which is the primary source of fuel for the cells. Instead, your body starts burning up fat to provide extra energy, which can result in several potential benefits to your health.

Not only that but increasing your intake of healthy fats and protein while reducing your intake of empty carbs can help ensure that you’re getting all of the essential nutrients that you need with none of the added ingredients and chemicals that you don’t. Studies have also shown that a higher intake of fat and protein can suppress your appetite and lower levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, more effectively than carbohydrates.

But what about a vegan keto diet? Is that even possible?

As a diet that’s high in fat and low in carbs — a staple in many plant-based diets — it can be difficult to adapt the ketogenic diet to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. By making a few simple switches, however, you can reap the benefits of going keto while still enjoying a well-planned, plant-based diet.

Find out what happened when Zamaria, Ancient Nutrition’s Community Manager, tried Vegan (also vegetarian) keto for 30 days!

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