How to use Keto Diastix for pets

Short informative video guide of me testing my diabetic dogs urine for ketones and glucose.

Keto-Diastix are reagent strips for urinalysis measuring of glucose and ketones in the urine.

Keto-Diastix come in bottles of 50 plastic strips with two reactive squares on each strip that is sensitive to light, heat and moisture and you must not touch the squares (However if stored properly they will last for six months).

DO NOT use a reading off a Keto-Diastix strip to adjust an insulin dosage without consulting your vet

Materials needed:
Keto-Diastix strip, a watch with a second hand, and a urine cup.

Wash hands with soap and dry well, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Collect a fresh urine sample in a clean, dry cup. Open the Keto-Diastix bottle and remove one (1) test strip. Replace the bottle cap tightly.
Do not touch the test areas of the strip. (The first time the bottle is opened, record the date it was opened. The test strips should not be used after 6 months from that date.)
Dip the test areas of the strip in the urine. Allow excess urine to drip off test strip. Then begin timing. To read the ketone and glucose results, observe the change in color of the Keto-Diastix. Compare it to the results chart on the bottle. Read the ketone results at 15 seconds. Read the glucose results at 30 seconds.


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