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With Fast Food joints and easy and simple means of consuming unhealthy meals at affordable rates so rampant these days, it isn’t surprising to the least that more than 100 million people of the total U.S population alone are considered as “Obese” these days.

Despite that being the case, though, people all across the globe have indeed been trying to lose weight and attain a healthier and more attractive physique, only to end up not getting what they desired.

They keep on jumping from one fad diet to the next in hopes that one of these self proclaimed “Highly-Effective” programs would help them get the body of their dreams.
Little do they understand, though, that these diets often end up doing more harm than good in the long term and are ideal ways of sustaining a healthy body.

Then came the Ketogenic Diet in the year 2018, and it completely took the world by storm! The core concept of the Ketogenic Diet was extremely unique, and it shifted how people used to look at fatty food. With the rise in popularity, Ketogenic Diet slowly became one of the top and most effective diets for those who want to trim down excess body fat and attain a healthier physique, as reported by U.S News and World Report.
So, if this your first time learning about this diet, you must be wondering, what exactly is Ketogenic Diet in the first place? Well, the Ketogenic Diet is an amazing form of diet that promotes the intake of healthy fat while significantly lowering the intake of carbohydrates. There are lots of mechanisms at work here, which are discussed in Chapter 1! But the main goal of the Ketogenic Diet is to push your body into a state of Ketosis, where your body will start burning fat to gain its day-to-day energy instead of carbohydrates/glucose. This will turn your body into a fatburning machine!

Some of you who are hearing about this diet for the first time might be a little bit confused upon hearing the word “Keto.” So, let me touch on that topic first.
The word Keto is essentially derived from a human metabolic process that is known as “Ketosis,” which helps our body to produce a chemical known as “Ketones.”
The primary objective of a Ketogenic Diet is to cut down your Carbohydrate intake and push your body into a state of Ketosis in order to increase the production of Ketones. When Ketones are produced at a greater number, your body will start to burn fat at an extremely accelerated pace.

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