How to start a KETO Diet? Keto for Beginners UK – Clean keto Foods List & a Meal Plan. Keto Coach

In this Keto for beginners guide, I explain How to start a clean KETO Diet for absolute beginners in the UK. It is also suitable for people who are on a keto diet but want to make sure they are doing it correctly, and for those who simply want to try different ways of doing keto. The way I promote and follow myself does not require calorie or macro counting. You have to simply eat keto-approved foods that I show in this keto for beginners in the UK video.

I share keto for beginners foods here:

Foods to avoid on a keto diet 02:09
The best keto vegetables 02:16
The best keto protein sources 03:04
The best keto fruits 04:31
The best keto drinks 05:21
The best keto sweeteners 07:02
The best keto fats 08:37
The best keto snacks 10:50
The best keto nuts 12:33
and The best keto desserts 13:00

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I promote only natural whole foods, organic where possible, and recommend you to stay away from keto junk foods.

I also have another, more detailed version of this video, where I also talk about the science behind the keto diet. This video is for people who want to learn more and those who are not based in the UK, as I use net carbs rather than carbs when talking about keto-approved foods.

You can find the more detailed version of the video here:

In this keto for beginners in the UK guide, I explain a simple keto method where you don’t have to count your calories or your macros. You can count your macros once or twice at the beginning if you want to, to make sure you’re on track. But later, you can switch to following the keto-approved foods list, as it makes it easier and more enjoyable to follow this way of eating.

In this Keto for Beginners UK – You get a clean keto Foods List & a Keto Meal Plan for 1 week so that following a keto diet would be as easy as possible.

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