How to Reduce Carb Cravings on Keto: Low Carb Diets- Thomas DeLauer

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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Carb Cravings on Keto

Transitioning into a low-carb or keto diet can be one of the toughest things when it comes down to cravings. Honestly, it’s one of the biggest barriers that ever keeps people from starting a keto diet or a low-carb lifestyle to begin with. Now, what we have to understand here is that hunger is survival. Cravings are psychological. Now, if we start understanding that we can understand the kind of foods that we need to eat in order to get the best response and control our cravings.

All right, so if we understand how the brain works in terms of its reward system and it’s dopamine response, we have a much better understanding overall. You see, every time we consume carbohydrates we have a little bit of a dopamine reward system response. This means that we feel good. We get this sort of little invigorating feeling every time we eat them, even if it’s kind of subconscious. Then, once that feeling goes away we start craving it again.

This is a very simple dopamine response. Because carbohydrates elicit such a strong response with this, when you start cutting them out as you’re going into a keto or a low-carb diet, you can have really intense cravings, and it can make you throw in the towel before you ever get to reap the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle. The other thing you need to be aware of is that the more carbohydrates you’ve eaten in your past life, or even recently, the stronger your cravings are going to be, simply because you’ve down-regulated your dopamine receptors. So, it’s something to be aware of, but don’t be alarmed because there are a lot of things that you can do to control this, and I’m gonna give you the answers in just a second.

The first thing that we have to focus on is dopamine control through the proper foods. One of the things that you want to be consuming a lot of is an amino acid known a tyrosine. Now, tyrosine isn’t just something that you have to go and get a supplement. Tyrosine is something that is contained in a lot of specific kinds of proteins.

Now, when you’re transitioning into a low-carb or keto lifestyle some of the things that I feel you should eat and that you’ll get the best benefit from when it comes down to that tyrosine effect is going to be things like cottage cheese, things like higher fat content fish, but also pumpkin seeds. Believe it or not, pumpkin seeds contain a whole lot of tyrosine and can really cause a very powerful effect when it comes down to craving control.


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