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Crepes are one of those indispensable, multifaceted recipes that every home cook should have a considerable hint of.If you’ve never made them, it’s time to witness what you’ve been missing for a long time. Add a healthy yet tasty flavor to your life with these nutritious Keto Crepes.

Although, Keto diet often does get difficult and cutting out on half of your favorite food items is usually full of resentment. But, this recipe takes care of all your nutritional needs and yields a stack of delicious crepes. These crepes are the ideal blank canvas for many healthy and savory fillings.

Lay the foundation with Ketofy – Keto Dosa Mix. It is absolutely gluten-free, low in carbs and a perfect match for all your nutritional needs. Hence, in caseyou’re trying out a Keto lifestyle or you just want to try a new approach to an iconic healthy breakfast, this recipe is for you!

– Ketofy – Keto Dosa Mix
– Water
– Cooking oil
– Salt

– Add 60g Ketofy – Keto Dosa Mix in a bowl – Add 1/4 tablespoon salt
– – Add 180ml of water, create a smooth mixture and keep it aside.
– Smear 1 tablespoon oil on a heated tawa
– Pour the crepes batter evenly on tawa
– Add 1 tablespoon oil on the crepes’s edges when it turns brown
– Flip the crepes
– Serve it hot

Your nutritious ketogenic Crepes is ready. Put on your favorite TV show and enjoy your meal 🙂

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