How to make 3-ingredients fish patties from Frozen Salmon. keto diet easy breakfast ideas

How to make fishballs from frozen salmon without breadcrumbs
keto diet easy breakfast ideas
Low carb fish recipe

keto recipe

My infrared oven:

Butter Dish with Clear Lid:

Cheap Keto Stcks, USA:

Earl grey tea:

Raspberry Black Tea:

Get Keto test sticks here:

This is my sweetener:

My plastic infrared oven:

Glass Electric Tea Kettle:

Bacon grease stainless can with strainer:

Plastic bacon storage container:

Best American paper napkins:

My favorite Macadamia nut oil:

My Sous Vide (water oven):

My blender:

My Electric Water Kettle, 34 oz:

My countertop electric infrared stove (burner):

My favorite coconut oil:

My favorite coconut flour:

beef Tallow( beef lard):

12 inch tweezers:

I keep frozen chicken thighs in Ziploc Bags:

Self stirring mug:

Countertop Rotisserie Oven:

Sous vide from the video, water oven:

This is my sweetener:


On keto diet you can eat less and feel satied more than on any other diet
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