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How I lost 25 pounds / 11.36 kg in 30 days (Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting)

How I lost 25 pounds / 11.36 kg in 30 days (Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting)

I’ve lost 25 pounds in 30 days doing Keto and Intermittent fasting!!! My goal is to lose between 70 to 75 pounds this year. My problem areas when it comes to losing weight are my thighs and waist. I can never figure out how to get rid of the excess fat but over the last 30 days I just watched both areas continue to shrink 🙂

I also have to add that I started working out again because of the amount of extra energy I gained while doing Keto. I hadn’t been to the gym consistently in 2 years.

Here are a few keto basics:
– The ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet that uses fat in the form of ketones as the primary source of energy in your body.
– Ketones are derived from fat and are a more superior form of fuel.
– The process of running your body on ketones it is known as Ketosis.
– To get into a state of ketosis you have to reduce your carbohydrate intake to between 20-50 grams/day.
– The process of depleting your glucose stores in the form of glycogen and switching to ketones as your primary source of energy is known as keto adaptation.

Apart from the weight loss, some of the benefits I’ve experienced from doing keto and intermittent fasting are:
– Mental clarity and sharpness
– Increased energy
– Reduced cravings
– Clearer skin

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