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How I Lost 17 Inches in 8 Weeks! • Keto Weight Loss Journey & Transformation

How I Lost 17 Inches in 8 Weeks! • Keto Weight Loss Journey & Transformation

Today I share with you how I lost 17 inches in 8 weeks! I also lost around 8 pounds and was able to lower my body fat percentage and gain muscle mass. After a few years struggling to loose the 30 pounds I had gained, I enlisted professional help and focused on a strict ketogenic diet for 8 weeks where I tracked all my macros and calories each day with the help of a certified nutritionist Samantha Souza. Here is my keto weight loss journey and transformation story on how I lost weight and kept it off.
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– 01:12 asking for help
– 04:14 setting clear goals
– 05:45 prepping for success
– 06:54 understanding fears
– 07:07 tracking everything from calories, macros, and emotions
– 08:44 biggest lessons learned
– 12:12 the end of my diet and reverse diet + intuitive eating
– 15:28 lessons learned for life

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Who are we?
We’re Chris and Serein (Wu) Ledford. We both grew up extremely active, but with poor nutrition and lifestyle habits that eventually caught up with us in our 30’s. Serein deals with depression and having lost her mom in 2017, she went through a period of emotional binge eating. When we were looking for health and fitness tips to help us get fit again, we noticed a gap in the fitness community for our needs.

We rebranded and created this channel at the end of 2019 to help motivate and inspire you to live your healthiest life. Focusing on realistic and sustainable health and fitness tips, workouts, and concepts to help you make changes that are lasting.

With all our work and research, we became so passionate about health, fitness, and overall wellness, both Chris and Serein have been working toward professional certification in these fields.

– disclaimer –
While we do our best to give up to date advice and help motivate and inspire you to live your healthiest life, we do not replace a medical professional. Always receive clearance from a licensed physician before embarking on any exercise plan and/or diet changes.

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