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High Carb to Low Carb to Keto to Carnivore | Dr. Ken Berry

High Carb to Low Carb to Keto to Carnivore | Dr. Ken Berry

Interview with Dr. Ken D Berry on diet and health at Low Carb Houston 2018.

・Check out Dr. Berry’s book “Lies my Doctor told me” – https://amzn.to/2Tuwm7b (Available on Audible too!)
・Find him on:

1) 00:00 What’d you have for breakfast?
2) 00:30 Why he decided to write his book
3) 02:51 % of Medical Doctors keeping up to date on scientific journals/papers?
4) 04:13 What was the final piece of information that got you to write your book?
5) 05:42 Comments on statins?
6) 06:55 Recent developments in your diet?
-Here Dr. Berry also talks about how he cured his Acid Reflux
7) 08:53 How genes may play into what diet works for you
7.5) 10:25 Diet’s effect on muscle mass
8) 13:18 Is Keto bad for you?

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