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I’m issuing a 60 day Keto shredding challenge for everybody to join and WIN PRIZES from! The real prize is what this diet will do to your life, and i have more years of experience with it than 90% of other sources on the internet. I’ve made a plan, that will give you the structure and flexibility you need to make weight loss and maximum performance EFFORTLESS.
Below are links to the FREE Keto Base Meal Plan & 4 Day Keto Training Plan.


Use these to your advantage. This can be a great new opportunity to change your life and your relationship with food, and your body’s dependence on it to perform optimally.


1. Send 1-5 “before” picture of yourself in clear lighting, full body, with something indicating the date in the picture —- to @AnthonyRomano7 on Instagram or to [email protected] —- title “Keto transformation 2019”
2. Whoever has a remarkable result, will win.
There can be multiple winners. You have more than 60 days to complete this challenge, 60 is just the optimal range for a transformation; theoretically you could diet for 2 weeks and if you have a remarkable transformation you could also win! So don’t be discouraged if it’s late when you see this!
3. IF YOU GET A FRIEND TO JOIN YOU IN THIS, You will win DOUBLE THE PRIZES IF YOU ARE A CONTEST winner; and they will too if they are a winner! So share this video and take advantage of the opportunity.

1. Free Athletic Alliance Exogenous Ketone Supplement (the best ketone brand out there hands down)
2. Free Personalized Keto Meal Plan from Me upon winning. Could be a Keto Bulking Plan, another Keto Cutting Plan or a Lifestyle Keto Plan for maintenance of health and Lean Physique year round.
3. Lifetime Free Access to every paid program I release in the future.
This means any specific regimen I launch, you get for free.
4. Video Interview upon winning which will be posted on my YouTube and Facebook Page so others can learn from your experience and you can share your story!

I’d be happy to answer any of your questions, so leave me a
comment, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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