Factor Meal Delivery Service Review [Paleo/Keto]

In this video, I reveal why Factor (formerly known as Factor 75) is my favorite paleo and keto-friendly fresh meal delivery service.

I’m on a ketogenic paleo diet and ingredient quality is important to me. That’s why I’ve reviewed dozens of fresh and frozen meal delivery services on my blog to find the one that best caters to my dietary requirements.

Factor is an organic food delivery service that offers prepared keto and paleo meals made with premium ingredients. I was intrigued when I learned that they’re one of the few meal delivery companies that offers fresh rather than frozen meals, so I decided to do an in-depth Factor review and find out for myself just how good their prepared meals taste.

Factor was founded in 2012 by Nick Wernimont. He started the company based on the credo that 75% of fitness results come from what we eat.

The brand bills itself as a premium meal delivery service, so it doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to its choice of ingredients. That means that all of their meal choices meet the following quality standards:

– Hormone and antibiotic-free
– Soy-free
– Gluten-free
– Non-GMO
– Grass-fed (including the beef)
– Pastured eggs
– Mix of organic and conventionally-grown produce (they used to be 100% organic)
– No added sugars

If you decide to give it a try for yourself, don’t forget to use my Factor promo code (MKUMMER40) at checkout to save $40 off your purchase ($20 off your first two shipments).

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