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Dr. Jason Fung’s Misleading Fat Loss Advice (RE: “Cutting Calories Vs. Fasting”)

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“Intermittent Fasting vs Cutting Calories | Jason Fung”

Today I’m responding to a video by Dr. Jason Fung (author of “The Obesity Code” and “The Cancer Code”) where he explains why “counting calories doesn’t work” and why the only way to lose weight and keep it off is through intermittent fasting. Just run a search for “jason fung intermittent fasting”, “jason fung weight loss”, “jason fung insulin” etc. and you’ll find that he’s built up quite an online following, with fasting being at the center of his approach. There is absolutely nothing wrong with intermittent fasting or low carb diets, but Jason still gives many pieces of misleading fat loss advice in regards to these dieting strategies that, while it may still be helpful for some, can potentially be harmful for others. In today’s video I break down some of Dr. Jason Fung’s misinformation to help you gain a better understanding of the overall fat loss nutrition picture, whether you choose to use intermittent fasting or regularly spaced meals, and whether you choose to count calories or not.

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