Do You Have to Limit Protein on Keto? #ListenToTheSisson

How Much protein can you eat and still stay in ketosis? It depends on your goals and requirements.

If your doctor has you in ketosis to treat serious epilepsy, or if you’re warding off dementia, or anything else that requires or may improve with deep ketosis, aim for a lower protein content (10-15% of calories or whatever amount your doctor recommends). Get those high ketone levels, see how it feels, and see if that’s the protein intake for you.

If you’re losing weight, you’ll eat a little more protein to increase satiety, making “eating less” a spontaneous, inadvertent thing that just happens. It will also stave off at least some portion of the muscle loss that occurs during weight loss.

If you’re trying to gain large amounts of muscle, you’ll come in closer to 20-25%.

In the keto community, there is sometimes concern that protein will turn into glucose and you’ll jump out of ketosis if you have too much. I’ll explain how that works in this video, and whether you should be concerned with it.

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