Dinner recipe for weight loss | Paneer recipe for weight loss | Keto Recipe | High Protein recipe

Today will see dinner recipe for weight loss, it is high protein low carb recipe. In single serving of paneer stir fry will get only 227 calories but 13 gm proteins. This recipe is helps in weight loss. Those who are following keto diet they can also add this recipe in their diet plan. It is a high protein weight loss recipe.

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Paneer stir fry
1-Paneer-100 gm
2-Corn-15 gm
3-Baby corn-30 gm
4-Onion-70 gm
5-Capsicum-100 gm
6-Cauliflower-150 gm
7-Butter-5 gm
8-Pasta masala-1/2 pack
9-Salt-as per taste
10-Garlic paste- 1 spoon
11-Red chili flakes-1 spoon
12-White pepper powder-1/4 th tsp

Cooking process please watch video

Time frame
0:00 Introduction dinner recipe for weight loss
0:26 Paneer stir fry for weight loss
3:13 Paneer stir fry calories

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