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Digestion Diaries: Acid Reflux & The Ketogenic Diet

Sometimes we don’t notice how bloated, uncomfortable or gassy we feel until we begin eating in ways that are better for our bodies. When I made this video I was following a Ketogenic Diet–eating 70% fat, 20% protein and only 10% carbs. I immediately noticed a difference in my digestion and experienced relief from bloating. In this video I explain why we tend to develop problems with gas and bloating and how a well-structured elimination diet can help us identify the root cause and take steps to feel better.

The most common reasons we get gassy or bloated are:
We eat starchy or carb-heavy foods that we can’t break down properly
We have unfriendly bugs like yeast or candida eating our leftover starches and carbs
Our good bacteria have migrated to the wrong part of our digestive tract

One way to experience relief is through an elimination diet. I recommend 4-6 weeks on either a ketogenic diet, AI Paleo, Whole 30 or even a gluten free diet.

The biggest issue with any elimination diet is that people do the diet for a set number of days and then go straight back to how they were eating before. Reintroduce foods SLOWLY and take note of which foods don’t agree with you. Then it’s time to do some detective work and figure out WHY those specific foods don’t agree with you. Underlying causes could be SIBO, low stomach acid or even stress.

The good news is once you identify and treat that root cause, you can often make your digestion better and reintroduce foods that were once problematic without having any negative consequences. I get into many more tips and helpful info in the video. Watch, learn and please share it with friends and family.

Contact me for help with choosing the right elimination diet for you and getting rid of gas and bloating for good!

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