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DietWiz: Weekly Meal Planner and Keto Diet Tracker

DietWiz: Weekly Meal Planner and Keto Diet Tracker

Are you going to choose the ketogenic diet? paleo diet? low carb diet? sugar free? dairy free? vegetarian? It really makes no difference to us.
DietWiz just wants you to succeed!

We have tried every single diet out there and what we found may surprise you,

There is not one single weight loss plan that suits everyone

Surprised, right? But this makes so much sense…
Well… what do you like to eat? Are you hooked on a keto diet app, are you a paleo buddy? or a sworn vegetarian?

You need to take advantage of the foods you love and what works within your budget.
Our state of the art weekly meal planner and grocery list maker builds your plan, meal by meal and tells you exactly what to eat, not to mention, our paleo diet and keto diet recipes are easy and the food is amazing.
We even set you up with a correlating grocery list so you know just what to buy from the grocery store. At the end of the day, the best plan is always going to be the one that YOU can stick to.

DietWiz acts like a weight loss coach, it is super professional and fun to use!
And best of all, it was made with YOU in mind.


• BMI Calculator
Calculate your BMI and keep tabs on your weight loss journey to ensure your goals are within reach. BMI is an important indicator when it comes to body fat and achieving your ideal body weight. We will even update your weekly menu according to your achievements and progress!
• Set Your Personal Diet Preferences
Are you following a low carb diet, sugar free, dairy free, vegetarian or following the paleo diet or the ketogenic diet? it makes no difference to us, whatever your dietary preference, our weekly menu planner and our keto calculator have you covered!
• Weekly Menu Planner
When you eat the foods you love, sticking to your weekly menu is going to be fun. We have an enormous catalog of delicious recipes that you can access, from keto diet recipes to Grandma’s apple pie. That’s right, choose the foods you love and we’ll create a customized weekly meal plan for you!
• Grocery List Maker
We build you a weekly menu and create your shopping list. All you have to do is eat the delicious food in your meal plan and see the results! Every meal is accompanied by a complete calorie and nutritional macro breakdown.
• Macro Tracker and Keto Diet Tracker
When weight loss is your goal, the calories really count! If you are looking to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume.
Stick to your customized weekly meal plan whilst we count the calories for you with our built-in macro tracker so that you can reach your goal and feel fantastic. If you are on a ketogenic diet, carbs control is key. Our keto diet tracker will calculate and track your macros and monitor the nutritional breakdown of your food helping you stay committed and on track. Are you smiling yet? 🙂
• We Regularly Update Your Goals
Track your goals on your personal progress meter and watch the numbers drop! As your weight loss journey takes off and you start losing weight, we adjust your weekly menu planner and keto calculator accordingly – until you reach your ideal weight.


• Recipes are added on a regular basis. Need an idea for new keto diet recipes? paleo diet recipes? breakfast inspiration? We’ve got you covered
• Add your own meals including paleo, ketogenic, low carb and more
• Supports most diet preferences including paleo, keto, sugar free, low cholesterol, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian
• Calorie counter and macro tracker are included to plan & track your nutrition on the go
• Active and supportive DietWiz community

Get Your DietWiz Today!
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To Your Success
The DietWiz Team

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