Diabetes debunked: Fact vs. fiction on ways to prevent, manage, and reverse the disease

With more than 120 million Americans now living with diabetes or pre-diabetes—placing them at higher risk of complications from COVID-19—getting the real facts about diet, exercise, and effectively monitoring and managing your glucose levels is more critical than ever. Which eating program is most effective at managing glucose levels? Does diet or exercise have a bigger impact on weight loss? Can you really manage a diabetes diagnosis by changing your lifestyle? Dr. Kim dispelled the rumors, and provided information on the latest methods to prevent, manage, and reverse disease.

Sun Kim, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology, Gerontology, and Metabolism)
Group Leader, Stanford Diabetes Research Center

Part of Health Matters 2021, Stanford Medicine’s free virtual community event that ran May 10-15. Learn more at healthmatters.stanford.edu. #healthmatters2021

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