Crispy Air Fryer Fish

Here’s how I make delicious and easy Crispy Air Fryer Fish. This is how I get my fish golden and crispy in the air fryer with very little oil.

Ingredients Needed for this Recipe:
▪️ 4-6 Whiting Fish fillets cut in half
▪️ Oil to mist (Canola or Olive Oil)
Fish Seasoning
▪️ ¾ cup very fine cornmeal
▪️ ¼ cup flour
▪️ 2 tsp old bay
▪️ 1 ½ tsp salt
▪️ 1 tsp paprika
▪️ ½ tsp garlic powder
▪️ ½ tsp black pepper
▪️ Your favorite fish seasoning

Full Printable Instructions here:

Products Used in the Video (Affiliate links)
▪️Electric Black Pepper Grinder:
▪️Air fryer:
▪️ Spray bottle:

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