Colombia Trike Tour – Keto and Intermittent Fasting While Cycle Touring?

I did a totally crazy thing at the beginning of this tour. I decided to start intermittent fasting (IF). That worked very well After reading that IF works even better with a Ketogenic diet, when I arrived in Bucaramanga, I decided to change my eating as well. People lose lots of weight on Keto, and I do have weight to lose, but my motivation was to find relief from chronic inflammation. The diet has gone well but what I discovered was my problem with swollen ankles and feet wasn’t from a food allergy. It’s a bit embarrassing but I’m happy to now know what has been going on in my body. Maybe this is information that will be helpful to others.

As a side note, Keto works very well for touring. What I am especially enjoying is not being hungry. Ever. There are no blood sugar spikes and drops. I also don’t need to worry about bonking. Because Keto uses fat for fuel instead of sugar, when my body uses up the fat from meals, it switches to using fat on my body. I can go all day without needing to eat which is truly incredible for someone who has always been obsessed with food. Because the diet is so low in carbs, I need to say no to most eating opportunities and anything with sugar. In the past, I would have popped a dozen things in my mouth during a day without thinking twice. This results in taking in much less calories. Doing Keto while traveling will also mean letting go of many local food experiences. I love fruit and the fruits in Colombia are amazing. Luckily, I have tried all the fruits here and felt like it was ok to avoid the fruits for this trip. For course, keeping up with electrolytes is much more challenging on Keto than a carb based diet. But, in my case, this turned out to be a very valuable lesson.

Once I figured out the source of my inflammation, the real question has become if I need to continue doing Keto….

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