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CLEAN KETO vs DIRTY KETO | Is It Really Necessary To Eat Clean On Keto? | Find Out!

In this video we will discuss the difference between clean keto and dirty or lazy keto. Many people ask me if it is really necessary to eat clean on keto, This seems to be a valid question. If the goal is eat maximum fat and very low carbs then why not choose the easy dirty keto way. Today we will discuss why and why not .

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Clean keto focuses on whole, nutrient-dense foods and puts more emphasis on food quality, which comprises no more than 50 grams of carbs per day, a moderate protein intake of 15–20% of daily calories, and a high fat intake of at least 75% of daily calories.
Restricting carbs puts your body into ketosis which is a metabolic state in which you start burning fat for energy in place of carbs.
This may lead to several potential health benefits, including weight loss, reduced blood sugar levels, and even a lower risk of certain cancers
Clean keto consists mainly of whole foods from quality sources, such as grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, wild-caught seafood, olive oil, and non-starchy vegetables.
High carb foods, including grains, rice, potatoes, pastries, bread, pasta, and most fruits, are severely restricted or banned.
Dirty keto follows the same breakdown of fats, protein and carbs.
But compared to a regular keto diet, there’s one key difference — it doesn’t matter where these macronutrients come from.
Dirty keto promises weight loss with the freedom to eat anything you want, with a few exceptions: no bread, fruit, sugar and sweets.
That means bacon, cheese and pork rinds are allowed and so is fast food without the bun.
Although dirty keto is still low in carbs and high in fat, its food sources are often not as nutritious.
While you can technically attain ketosis and garner some of the keto diet’s benefits using this approach, you may miss out on several key nutrients and increase your risk of disease.

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