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Clean Keto on a Budget – Walmart Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer

All right, so we’re going to do a little grocery haul at Walmart. The reason I’m doing this is I want to prove that you can do clean Keto on a budget. I see a lot of videos where people go into Walmart, and they show you how to do a grocery haul. The problem is, they’re usually grabbing lower quality ingredients. So this isn’t any particular plug for products, or anything like that. It’s simply showing that you can go into a budget grocery store, and you can still eat clean. You can still get the right Keto products that are going to help you along your Keto journey, but in a good antiinflammatory way.

All right, just going to go aisle for aisle. Obviously, you’re going to see a lot of people grabbing hotdogs, you’re going to see a lot of people grabbing things like that. Not even really meat, we’re usually talking 30% meat, so let’s go ahead and let’s just disregard the hotdogs there. I don’t see any, even these beef franks, they say beef. But when you actually look at the ingredients, we’re looking like, okay it does have beef, but then sodium lactate, hydrolyzed soy protein.

So that’s one of the things you want to look for, hydrolyzed soy protein, sometimes they even have hydrolyzed whey in there. That’s just a filler, it’s like if you go to fast-food it’s usually going to 30, 40% soy. So just be very careful of that, that’s not to say that you might not find something that’ll work for you, but generally speaking you’re not going to.

Okay, then we get into the cheese aisle. It gets a little bit more complicated with cheese, simply because most of the cheese that you’re going to find at a budget store aren’t going to be super high-quality. I did a video talking about cheeses, which ones are the best. Parmesan you’re usually pretty safe, so I’m going to grab a little bit of Parmesan, just go with some shaved Parmesan. Simple because at least with Parmesan, it’s aged for so long, it’s all about … I don’t want to say it’s the same, but it’s aged for like 12 months, so you end up with the same sort of lactose content. Of course, you want to go organic, you want to go raw whenever possible with a lot of these things. But Parmesan usually isn’t even pasteurized, so that’s going to be a cheese that you’re pretty safe to get. And looking for just a couple bucks there, all right?

All right, then of course they do have some almond milks and stuff, and the good news is a lot of the almond milk, a lot of those things are now made without carrageenan. So the cook thing is they even have macadamia nut milk. So we’ve got unsweetened macadamia milk. Let’s see, and look at the ingredients here. Macadamia milk, macadamia oil, calcium phosphate, not the best. They fill it with a little bit of pea protein, sunflower lecithin, really not bad. There’s no carrageenan.

Okay, so we’re still looking pretty good budget, although we haven’t gotten to the bulk of what we need. All right, then we get into Greek yogurt. Okay, here’s the thing with Greek yogurt is sometimes you’re going to end up getting ones that have a bunch of fillers in them. And it’s Walmart, so we’re probably looking a lot of super good quality ones. But when it comes down to Greek yogurt, at least you’ve got Fage, that doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff in it. If they have Bulgarian yogurt anywhere, that’s going to be the best ones, some Walmart’s do.

All right, and then we get into sour cream. So I’m not opposed to sour cream, as long as you’re getting good quality stuff, right?hard part is you’re not going to get super organic good quality cottage cheese or sour cream. But if it’s what you want, I’m not going to pick some up today, don’t be too concerned. Here’s the thing, all sour cream is is pretty much just cultured cream. You’re not getting a whole lot of other stuff.

Let’s go ahead and take a quick look here at the eggs. All right, so when it comes down to eggs, cage free doesn’t always mean that they’re good clean quality. Okay, cage free could mean a lot of different things. Cage free just means that they’re put out in a open space, that’s technically not a cage. So what can happen with that is you end up with just a garbage. You still end up with the same thing, a bunch of grain fed, a bunch of corn fed, soy fed. So I don’t see any pasture raised eggs, or anything like that.

So you can do it at Walmart, you can do it on a budget. And I apologize if I offended anybody at Walmart, but I promise it was all in good taste, and actually spreading a positive word that you can shop healthy even on a budget. Always keep it locked in here on my channel, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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