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I lost my old channel by merging into a brand channel

Hello, welcome to my Tom Chou Chou Keto Vlog! It’s time for my keto vlog update.
I have recently discovered that keto discovered my gallbladder issue.
Despite the pain on my shoulder and back with keto diet, I find out that gallstones can be healed by your body according to Dr. Eric Berg. And I’m very excited to share with you what I have found to pursue further with my keto diet. Gallstones are painful tho and you should always be cautious. Although I’m working through my gallstones on my keto journey, but I would still listen to my body. If the gallstones pain are more than I can bear, I’ll definitely go to a doctor. I would not want to create more gall problems on this keto journey, and you should not too.

There are amazing results that I’ll be sharing to you for this week’s Chou Chou Keto vlog. There’ll be my shirtless weight in assessment, and there’ll be a poll too to ask if you can see the difference of me in two weeks. I have gotten down quite a lot of weight by cutting out sugar and carbs. This has been one of the easiest diet that I have ever done. And this keto journey will definitely become one of my keto lifestyle that I’m transforming into.

Please also check out Dr. Eric Berg’s “keto without a gallbladder”
He obviously explains better than I do, but this will guide to a better keto lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3dTMLPPnPQ

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Let’s hop on this Chou Chou Train. And for now, Peace out!


Set up Your Keto Diet program, Tutorial

Set up Your Keto Diet program, Tutorial

Our “Done For You” keto meal plans are completely customized based on your food preferences and weight loss goals.
✅ You can click the LINK to start creating your 8-week plan. Simply follow the plan to achieve a successful keto diet. 🙂

How I Use Carb Manager App to Plan A Week on Keto

How I Use Carb Manager App to Plan A Week on Keto

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Keto Diet Meal Plan India|| Lose 15 kgs in 1 month|| How to lose weight fast

Keto Diet Meal Plan India|| Lose 15 kgs in 1 month|| How to lose weight fast

hi everyone,
I hope you guys well in this video i am sharing with you all details about keto diet. 👉what is keto diet
👉how it works
👉what you have to eat (veg or non veg )when you are in keto diet
👉keto recipe stuffed paranta
👉you also get a customize diet chart when you call on number printed in packaging

you have to bind aata like normal aata ,add more water to make softer then easily to make parantha ,roti , pudding ,Puri

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👉लिंक को एक बार चैक जरूर करे अपडेट रेट के लिए

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Keto Meal Planning With Megha | Full Weekly Meal Plan

Keto Meal Planning With Megha | Full Weekly Meal Plan

Meal Plan: https://www.ketoconnect.net/keto-meal-plan-coffee-for-breakfast/

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Be a part of my weight loss journey :

This video is about ketogenic (keto) diet and what a vegetarian can eat while in it. This has helped me lose weight in the most effective way but this does not mean that it will work for you too. I am no doctor, dietitian or trainer and this video is solely based on my experience and knowledge about this video. Please visit your physician before starting this diet to see if your body type will adapt to this diet.

KETO Recipes:
Keto food list: https://youtu.be/hmMRauJFw1Y
About Protein Powder: https://youtu.be/KGIrc4LteC8
What I eat in a day: https://youtu.be/WsgBWh2qgok
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Keto Diet: Asparagus Breakfast

Keto Diet:  Asparagus Breakfast

How to make low carb breakfast with asparagus
Low carb ketogenic diet cooking tutorial.

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On keto diet you can eat less and feel satied more than on any other diet,

Watch all the videos on my channel to get a good idea on what to pick up for your next meal

Salmon is a kind of teleost fish. There are many different kinds of salmon.

Salmon belong to the same family of fish as the trout. Most kinds of salmon live in salt water, or migrate between riversand the sea.

Many people like to eat salmon, so the fish is also grown in fish farms. Usual ways to make food out of salmon are smoking, cold smoking and graving.
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Saya Coba Diet Keto selama dua hari | Diet untuk diabetes dan cepat bakar lemak

Saya Coba Diet Keto selama dua hari | Diet untuk diabetes dan cepat bakar lemak

Saya Coba Diet Keto selama dua hari | Diet untuk diabetes dan cepat bakar lemak

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Salam Fitnes Mania

KETO BREATH TESTER REVIEW | The KetoScan Mini compared to 3 other Keto Breath Testing Devices

KETO BREATH TESTER REVIEW | The KetoScan Mini compared to 3 other Keto Breath Testing Devices

Hey there!! Watch the edited (short version) replay of my LIVE video all about breath testing for ketosis. I’ve reviewed and demonstrated using the KetoScan Mini and stacked it up against three other keto breath testing devices.

For those of you who prefer a quicker summary…. see my blog post on keto breath testing.

BLOG POST: https://wholebodyliving.com/keto-breath-testing-is-it-accurate/

Here’s a link to the product we’ll be discussing and comparing some other models (that I’ve personally tested)

Next up we have some of the studies I’ll be referring to for those of you who like to do your own research.

Measuring breath acetone for monitoring fat loss: Review by Joseph C. Anderson

Tara’s Super Quick Summary: Acetone in the blood and breath has been known to increase with fasting and calorie restriction for more than 50 years. However, in the last 25 years there have been more studies quantifying the relationship between acetone production and the rate of fat loss. This review looks at the studies regarding this relationship. Acetone (BrAce) can be related to ketosis levels via blood BOHB. If you follow the link and go to Figure 2 on the study you can see the correlation with blood β‐hydroxybutyrate. The study also talked about different ways to increase ketone levels in the body and is well worth a read.

The next article was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on July 1, 2002 and is titled “Breath acetone is a reliable indicator of ketosis in adults consuming ketogenic meals”
A few things to note– this study was only a 24 hour study so it didn’t test any long-term implications. You can see from their conclusions that in the beginning breath acetone were good predictors of ketosis.

There are many many more studies available out on PubMed for your researching enjoyment 🙂

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