Gaining Muscle on Low-Carb and Keto Diet

Gaining Muscle on Low-Carb and Keto Diet

There have been a lot of buzz about low carb diets for fat loss but what about muscle gain and improved exercise performance? Some have speculating that low carb diets may enhance exercise performance due to people becoming fat adapted & better at using fat for fuel

In ultra endurance athletes this appears to be fine, but once you get above 70% of a VO2 Max we start to see significant performance decrements on low carb diets.

During high intensity exercise we see even greater impairments in exercise performance from low carb diets, likely due to decreased glycogen availability in muscle. While muscle can use fat for fuel at low intensities (aerobic exercise) it is unable to use fat during high intensity (anaerobic) exercise. Thus, when glycogen is limited, less glucose is available for anaerobic metabolism & performance is impaired.

When it comes to muscle gain, there is some evidence from Vargas et al that men who resistance trained while on a low carb diet gained LESS muscle and strength than those who at the same calories and protein on a higher carb diet. While carbohydrates do not stimulate protein synthesis they do decrease muscle protein breakdown & this may explain the differences observed in these studies as well as possible differences in exercise performance making it more difficult to create progressive overload in the low carb group.

In this video I break it all down 😬

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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ON KETO | My lazy keto weight loss story

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ON KETO | My lazy keto weight loss story

We have so many new additions to the ketoginja family, I wanted to take a few minutes and remind everyone of my keto story. I hope it gives you a little more insight into my why.
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Keto Diet and Constipation: Diet Tips to Avoid Getting Constipated on the High-Fat Diet

Keto Diet and Constipation: Diet Tips to Avoid Getting Constipated on the High-Fat Diet

Keto Diet and Constipation: A keto diet is a low carb diet, which can help your body burn fat effectively. This diet leads to the production of small fuel molecules called “ketones”.Once the body enters the ketosis stage, it accelerates fat burning to generate energy.Constipation occurs when you face difficulty in the passing of stool in addition to infrequent bowel movements.Include keto-friendly fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli and berries on day to day basis while practising keto diet.

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My Vegan Keto Results – Overall Felt Pretty Good…

My Vegan Keto Results – Overall Felt Pretty Good…

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My Vegan Keto Results – Overall Felt Pretty Good… – Thomas Delauer

The reality is, I wanted to prove the fact that while you are doing a ketogenic diet, you can implement vegan principles that actually end up being really, really effective.

The first couple of days, it was pretty difficult. It was a big adjustment. I would say that having to get used to eating not only a stricter ketogenic diet but keeping meat out of the equation was really, really tough, and here’s why.

Let me give you an example. On vegan keto, there was no meat, so I was solely dependent on basically fiber and fat, which means that the overall food volume was significantly less. So my stomach from the [inaudible] side of things was still like, “Whoa man. You need to eat.” I was hungry and the first two days in, if it wasn’t for just consistently drinking Sunwarrior protein shakes, I probably would have had a really, really tough time, but even then, it was difficult.

Then about 48 hours into it, something happened. About 48 hours in, I ended up really having high levels of ketones. The first two days, my levels of ketones were lower than they normally would be. Like if I was first starting keto that wasn’t vegan, I would usually have moderate ketone levels, like I might be at a 1.5 or so, but what I found is when I went on vegan keto, within two days, I was already at three [inaudible].
I was registering high levels of ketones.

I started feeling really good after a couple of days. Here’s what was really interesting and when it comes like a food addiction standpoint, this is where I felt like I had the most improvement. It started happening in Days Two and Three. I’ve always struggled with a little bit of food addiction. It doesn’t matter, if you’re an addictive personality, it can be tough, period.

I think just the lack of stress made a big difference anyway. All of a sudden my blood pressure dropped. Now I did notice that I dropped an immense amount of water weight. Now Day Three and Four I was already down four pounds. Now I was already ketogenic leading into this, so I lost another four pounds and a lot of it felt like water. I started to get even a little drawn out in the face for a little bit. I was like, “Okay, this is kind of interesting.” Now around this time period I also discovered that I was losing some strength and it was starting to concern me a little bit.

They’re awesome, so Sunwarrior is like the leading pea protein … If you’re curious, there’s a link down in the description that gives you my special discount on their pea protein, but anyway, they sponsored this whole event because they knew I was doing it.

Normally I can put a weighted vest on and do 18 Burpees, and then I’m usually pretty crapped out. If I’m wearing a 40 or 60 pound weight vest, I can do about 18 burpees before my heart rate is getting close to 200 and I’m about to pass out. Get this, on vegan keto, when I put my weight vest on, 32. I got 32 Burpees, which is just for me, that’s a test of my VO2 max. So I was like, “Holy cow. I think the high levels of ketones, I think the plant-based fuel is really making a difference,” but the fact is, it was just getting difficult for me to sustain.

Now Amber was making amazing things with flax eggs and we were using the cauliflower crust pizzas from Cali-Flour Foods, it was awesome, the plant-based crust using vegan cheese. So many amazing things, like chia puddings and everything like that. All the good food that you could ever imagine, but the fact is, I don’t think that I was getting enough of the nutrients that I really could have. I needed to be getting more in the way of veggies. Anyway, flash forward the next week. It was difficult for me to even want to come off of this diet. I felt really, really good mentally.

The problem is is that I’m not accustomed to that lifestyle, so there’s a lot of things that took a lot of work for me, that took a lot of time. My wife was having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We’ve got a young kid at home, it was really tough.

Now let me also say that whether you’re vegan keto or not, the Sunwarrior warrior blend works great, so it doesn’t have to be a vegan protocol. That works. I use that when I’m not doing vegan keto. At the end of the day, here’s how it works. The vegan keto diet allows you to produce high levels of beta-hydroxy butyrate. Beta-hydroxy butyrate makes it so you don’t need as much protein, because the beta-hydroxy butyrate spares muscle

🔥 KETO Results and Symptoms • Weeks 1-3 • Insane Weight Loss

🔥 KETO Results and Symptoms • Weeks 1-3 • Insane Weight Loss

OMG!! I can’t believe how much weight I lost in 2 weeks on the Keto diet! Insane weight loss!!!
Recent Keto Update

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New keto study fails at 2 weeks. Should we care?

New keto study fails at 2 weeks. Should we care?

A new study from researcher Kevin Hall claims to refute the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity. But a two week study is insufficient to address the question. Plus, we have to ask ourselves if it matters in the first place.

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Keto diet എടുക്കുന്നവർ അറിഞ്ഞിരിക്കേണ്ട കാര്യങ്ങൾ,Health Tips Malayalam

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Try These WALMART Keto Breakfast Foods (2021 Edition)

Try These WALMART Keto Breakfast Foods (2021 Edition)

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