Backpacking Keto Meals

Backpacking Keto Meal Ideas!

What’s up YouTube! It’s been awhile! I am happy to be back filming again as we took an extended break. This time around I am preparing for a 7 day backpacking Colorado archery elk hunt. I wanted to run through my daily meals to show what I came up with for food options. Back in April my wife and I started the ketogenic diet. It has worked exceptionally well for us and I wanted to continue eating that way even in a remote back country location! The first thing I did was start my research and taking notes. I found a company called Keto Bars and ordered a case of their keto friendly low carb chocolate peanut butter bars. I will have that for breakfast as well as a cup of Alpine Start instant coffee and bulletproof MCT oil. I made my own combination of nut butters as well. For breakfast I will be consuming three tablespoons of cinnamon pecan nut butter that I made. As for a mid morning snack, I found on Amazon these baked cheddar cheese bars. They will satisfy my crunch craving I hope! For lunch I will be chowing down one half cup of walnuts, one serving of Cheese Whisps, and one serving of Nick’s Sticks grass fed beef sticks. For a mid afternoon snack I will be eating a Quest peanut butter cookie with another three tablespoons of homemade nut butter, this time cinnamon walnut butter. Delish! Then for dinner, I ordered freeze dried meals from Next Mile Meals, a company specializing in low carb backpacking meals. I went with their beef taco as it is ground beef, cheese, and seasonings. Something I would clearly eat at home. Then for dessert, I will be scarfing down an F-Bomb! Salted Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter! I’m stoked! I am so obsessed with food, I can’t hardly wait to get there just so I can eat!

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