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Another Keto Success Story *50 lbs. Fast* – Episode 7 – The No Breakfast Club

Another Keto Success Story *50 lbs. Fast* – Episode 7 – The No Breakfast Club

Dan is in self-quarantine for another week in case of COVID-19 so Larry invites his brother, Josh, to co-host. They talk about growing up together, weight fluctuation, body shame, and the success of a Ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. They also discuss the trappings of the standard American diet with its overabundance of food and culinary choice. Join us as we talk this and more and start your weight loss journey today.

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The No Breakfast Club is a podcast about health and wellness, transforming your life, and dealing with the struggles of weight loss before, during, and after. The hosts, Dan and Larry, have both had incredible success using Keto (Low-carb Ketogenic diet), Intermittent Fasting (fasting for 16 hours or more between meals), and Counting Calories. Dan lost 200 lbs in a year and Larry lost 195 lbs. They both continued losing weight and have lost more than 500 lbs combined.

They now want to share their knowledge and experiences with you. Failed diets of the past, pitfalls to avoid, and the lifestyle changes to look forward to. Find your new normal, you can do it and we want to help.

Join us weekly and start your weight loss transformation today!

Larry’s Story

Growing up, I was always a heavy or husky kid. I wasn’t necessarily fat, but from about the age of 8 years old I struggled with weight. Once puberty hit it just got worse and I soon became the token fat kid in my group of friends. I was in the high 200s all through high school. I lacked confidence and self-worth and struggled to make friends outside my small circle.

After graduation I slowly put more and more weight on. Soon I was well into the 300s. I accepted this new weight and relegated myself to being “big” for the rest of my life. As long as I kept it under 380 lbs I convinced myself it wasn’t that bad. But bad habits and age started to catch up to me. By my late twenties I was flirting with being 400 lbs. This led to depression, cynicism, and denial. I didn’t want to look at facts and stuck my head in the sand turning to food for comfort. I’d lie to myself and say things like “I may be fat but at least I’ll die happy” I was not happy. Occasionally I’d try a new diet or exercise program but I’d always fail and rebound worse than when I started. I was in a bad way and by the summer of 2018 I was over 480 lbs. I was sick, depressed, lonely, and in physical and emotional pain.

Then something happened. I started to fix small parts of my life. I can’t tell you exactly why but a combination of factors led me to make a life change. I was trying to start a new career, my grandfather passed away, and I met some people on their own journeys of self-improvement. One of who was Dan. He shared his story with me, some advice, and his diet. I saw his before and after pictures and was impressed, so I decided to run with it. This time something clicked and I stuck to it. Keto, IF, and CICO. I soon saw fast and immediate results. My body and mind responded to the program and I lost over 100 lbs in 6 months. I have kept on the program and have since lost over 250 lbs and counting. I am so happy now and my health has never been better nor has my self-worth.

I can’t wait to share my story with others and help them get similar results. If I can do this anyone can. Let’s work together and get at it, we can do this!

Dan’s Story

Daniel Lorenzo Manachi was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in the midst of a civil war. His family, recent refugees from the Armenian Genocide, had to once again leave their home behind for safer pastures.

This time, they settled in Los Angeles, California, where Daniel attended Rose and Alex Pilibos, a private Armenian school. A school that would forever set Daniel on the path he is on today.

In a school of thin, rich kids, Daniel was anything but. Bullied, isolated, Daniel turned to food and drugs. For decades, they’d be the only comfort he’d know.

By age 16, Daniel was 250 pounds. At 18, he had already passed 300. And just at 23 years old, he’d reached 515 pounds.

Daniel maintained around 500 pounds for the rest of of his life, until one miraculous day, at age 39, a culmination of events in his life led to him waking up and deciding to once and for all turn things around.

Not only did Daniel turn his life around and lose the weight, but he’s since dedicated his life to helping others find the same freedom he has. There is hope no matter how much you weigh. There is a Cheat Code.

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