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Actress Misti Mukherjee – Truth behind her death | Hindi News | Keto Diet | FeedFit  by Richa

Actress Misti Mukherjee – Truth behind her death | Hindi News | Keto Diet | FeedFit by Richa

In lieu of making sensational and breaking news, journalism has been promoting lot of illogical and non scientific reports throughout the history. This is one of them. If Misti Mukherjee was following any diet that doesn’t mean that her kidneys failed due to that. Thousands and lacs of people that doesn’t follow keto are dying of kidney failures still there is no coverage of those people because they took normal diet (or carbohydrates). Shame on this type of nonsensical journalism.
Before reaching to any conclusion please know the science behind Keto diet. Keto diet is a high fat and moderate protein diet and carbohydrates intake is limited to less than 50 gm. Keeping carbohydrates limited to less than 50gm helps our body to reach nutritional ketosis. Keto diet is generally recommended for weight loss but it has several health benefits too.

In recent history different media houses have been continuously blamed for showing illogical and nonsensical news. The recent news about the death of actress Misti Mukherjee is one of them. There is no scientific report that shows Keto diet is the reason behind kidney failures. This news linking keto diet with kidney failure of Misti Mukherjee is totally against science. We don’t want people to believe blindly on any irrational news and link any diet to kidney failures.
Kidney failure generally occurs due to a chronic condition or disease and doesn’t occur overnight. Without discussing Misti Mukherjee’s medical history and pointing out keto diet for her kidney failure is death of logical thinking and journalism. We should not blindly follow whatever is put in front of us by illogical and non scientific reporters.

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