A Guide To Keto Diet for Beginners

Just getting started with a ketogenic diet? This video will tell you everything you need to get started.

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A Guide To Keto Diet

Today I’m going to tell you about a diet that has the potential to completely revolutionize your relationship with food, your body, and yourself. It’s called the ketogenic diet. You may have already heard about it. After all, it’s one of the hottest topics in today’s biggest wellness communities. But don’t be fooled, because keto isn’t just some new trend. The diet has actually been around for nearly a century. And thousands of people have relied on it over the years to help them achieve their weight loss goals. So if you’re curious about what keto is all about, this video is a great place to start.

When we refer to a keto lifestyle, we’re referring to a lifestyle filled with a high amount of fats, moderate amounts of proteins, and a very low amount of carbs. Basically, you’re taking all the glucose from carbs that you’re used to relying on for energy and switching it for an energy source that comes from fats instead called ketones. It’s a definite game-changer, and it can take some time getting used to. If you’ve been following a standard modern American diet for most of your life, you’ve probably heard a ton about the alleged evils of saturated fats. But on the keto diet, you’ll learn to rely on healthy saturated fats like the ones that you get from oils and avocados as your main source of fuel. You see, each carb, fat, and protein that you put into your body is considered a macronutrient, or macros for short. On Keto, you want more fat macros and very little carb macros.

1:10 What exactly do keto-ers eat?
2:20 Benefits of Keto Diet including weight loss

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