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A Guide to Drinking Alcohol on Keto | How to Have Fun and Stay in Shape!

“Can You Drink Alcohol On The Keto Diet?” is a very common question!
YES, you can drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet – which is great news.
However, there are some restrictions and guidelines that should be followed so that you can have a good time without breaking your diet and sacrificing your health. We are here to help and this video will do just that!

Having a social life while on a ketogenic diet is something that can become difficult at times. There are carbs pretty much everywhere you look, and that’s especially the case when you’re in a bar. Cutting out all the beer and wine is a great start, but sticking with premium hard liquor is usually the best choice for keto dieters. You may be wondering if the new and popular hard seltzers are actually healthy and keto friendly. Their deceptive marketing strategies have led you to think so, but the truth is that while they are certainly better for keto than beer or wine, they still contain harmful sugars and carbs that are detrimental to ketosis when consumed in quantity.

In this video we will dive deep into the following topics/questions:

1.) Can you drink alcohol on the keto diet?
2.) What is the best type of alcohol to drink on the keto diet?
3.) Are hard seltzers keto friendly?
4.) Our Keto Story
5.) Why Costa Brava Cocktails is the best keto alcohol?

Switching to the keto diet was one of the main factors that led to our founders creating Costa Brava Cocktails. We are now a fast growing alcohol brand with and our cocktails are distributed all across southern California. Subscribe to our page and check out our social media pages and websites at the links below!

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Starring Matt Kaplan and Ethan Lazar
Produced and Directed by Brendan McLaughlin
Filmed and Edited by Matthew Clerkin

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